Facing The Giants

Friday, March 5, 2010

Taking control.

Are you the type of person that follows everyone else?   I have heard that only 2-3% of people are real leaders.
Most people settle for mediocrity,  others maintain a certian level of succcess and then lose hope.  Still others make use of their time and money to take control and make the most of their lives and live in abundance.
Where are you today? More importantly where are you going tomorrow?


  1. Charles
    When you figure all of this out call me and let me in on it.

  2. Hey Charles,
    Mediocrity kills any chance of success.
    Stand out from the crowd.

  3. Hello Charles,

    Good post about about being a follower or leader. Your stats on 2-3% of people are leaders is probably right on. Just take a look around you whether it is at work, in the UWB or else where how many people are leaders, not many. In a certain sense it is easier to live your life in an average way. You never put your self out there to fail or be confronted by others, etc. But being average is just fine if it works for that person. And it does not make the average person less of a person than a leader.

    For me personally I like being a leader and love to take chances in business and in life and I am not talking about life threatening chances like driving a car at 200 hundred miles. I am speaking about business decisions that may be risky but have high returns, like starting a business and being sure if it will work or not. it's scary but if you never try, to me that is even worse.