Facing The Giants

Sunday, February 28, 2010

A video about learning your true potential!

 I encourage everyone to watch this video.  The video can make you understand we all are better than what we may think we are.  I suggest you turn down the light and turn up your speakers and be inspired for the next 6 minutes.


  1. This is the spirit that gave birth to the American nation. What spirit has America got today? Where are the Kennedy's. Where are the Abraham Lincoln's. Why do the Yanks lie down and die now, when Godly leadership is so desperately needed. Anybody with spunk and backbone out there?

  2. What a heart tearing video. I had seen this video before but each time I watch it I have tears in my eyes and a true joy fills my insides. We all have the gift and ability to give more but we keep hanging back, afraid to keep going and winning.