Facing The Giants

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Are you doomed for mediocrity? We are what we think!

  There is evidence that we become what we think.  Think that you are weak and you are weak. Think you lack what it takes, your going to lack in what it takes.  Think you will lose and you will lose. 
  We need to replace those negative thoughts with positive affirmations about ourselves.  "I do have what it takes"."I am a winner"!  "I am a first class performer".  "I will make it to the top".    The key to winning  is what lies in your attitudes towards what you do in life.  We need to do our jobs with a positive uplifting attitude.  We need to ask ourselves what can we do better today than I did yesterday.  I had people say well it just wasn't made to work out.  The more we learn about a specific problem we can better solve our problems.  The point being what can I learn from this situation to make circumstances better next time. 
 Don't limit yourself. Push yourself and find your true potential!  You might be surprised as what lies within yourself.


  1. Aloha Charles,
    I like this blog and I agree to what you have mentioned here. Our thoughts are reflected on what we become. Everyday, we just need to affirm
    ourselves that we can be the BEST in whatever we have chosen to do. Positive attitude creates positive energy. Although sometimes it can be scary to get out of our comfort zone, we must be brave and try new things and challenges.
    Your friend,

  2. Hey Charles,
    It is funny how people think and how we are belittled into thinking that we just can't win. You said "the more we learn about a specific problem we can better solve our problems". If people would just take the time to show that it CAN and WILL be done, more and more people would take positivity to another level.

    Thank you for a great post!

    All the best,