Facing The Giants

Saturday, February 27, 2010

We all need somebody! trust and believe!

I was thinking about we all want to be heard. I believe that we are all in need of someone being there for us. Many people from day to day seem so busy with their own agendas and priorities that anyone that needs to an ear to listen just gets shunned and disheartened. don't get me wrong, I have even fallen into that category. Today I am more aware and want to learn. Just by listening we could be learning some valuable information. By lending an ear and comprehending the other persons true needs and then relating to them in a personal manner we begin the process of trust in the other person. Whatever happened to people with true integrity? I believe that we are all capable at reaching the more noble person within ourselves we just need to learn that it is not all about ourselves. We are all wanting attention in one degree or another. This can be said from the womb to the grave. I believe we need to let people speak and ask them questions about what they think. By getting answers about a specific problem we better able to help the person. By asking questions pertinent to their problem. First we need to change our behavior. Ask ourselves is this all about me or am I being honest with myself and building true, long lasting business relationships. The good thing is that we are building a solid foundation of friends just for listening and trying to be a true friend. The most awesome thing is that we build a legacy of friends that can last a lifetime. My questio to you today and in to the future is who are you going to reach out to today?

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